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Kobenhavn is made for tiny living and the future households. As the name suggests, the sofa is designed for the city and its people. In a world where we are becoming more and more people, and especially the big cities are growing bigger and bigger, we increasingly have to come up with solutions that are suitable for tiny living and smaller spaces - products that easily can adapt to different situations in the everyday life.

Kobenhavn is designed to last, by using sustainable high quality material such as danish FSC certified beechwood, recycled foam and recycled wool. With a clear nordic design touch, the sofa is asthetically pleasing in its apearence.

The userexperience of the sofa is very smooth - by sliding both ends of the sofa out and placing the two cushions in both ends, the sofa can easily be adjusted from being a two-person sofa to an extra guestbed in the household, going from a length of 160cm to 210cm.

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